Real Madrid arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria | 30.09.2014 (x)

I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from.


"Being a Madridista is knowing that you’re already the best at something."

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The most familiar statement for a Real Madrid fan.


Steal his look: the pikachu backpack guy

Vintage floral striped sweater - $41.50

Vintage 90s Calvin Klein button fly jeans - $35.00

Pikachu Plush Backpack - $15.97 

Miu Miu Adjustable Leather Belt - $850.87

red baseball cap - $7.59

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Toni & Leon Kroos
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Ronaldo notices the banner flying over El Madrigal during Villarreal vs Real Madrid | 27.09.2014

Villarreal vs. Real Madrid | 27.09.2014 (x)


Mesut Özil refuses to eat his cereal at Villa Park.

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Sergio Ramos 


Jesé Rodriguez will be back in ONE MONTH. That is all. ✌️

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